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Concrete Joint Sealants


Joint sealants are materials that simply, but effectively, reduce the amount of water and solids that are allowed into a joint, which assists in extending the lifespan of roadways, runways, and parking lots in three ways:

  • Reduction of excessive heating/cooling expansion damage.

  • Reduction of damage caused by material compression into the joint.

  • Reduction of water penetration through the joints into the sub base.


Sealants have also been reported to reduce corrosion to dowel bars by reducing the exposure to de-icing chemicals. It is important to remember that no sealant gives a perfectly watertight seal. However, the goal is not perfection, but rather to protect and extend the life of the pavement as simply and economically as possible.


JSWC crews are experts in cleaning sidewalls and in shaping reservoir cuts to maximize the effectiveness of the different sealants for each of our individual project.


With experience installing:​

  • Silicone & Polyurethane sealants

  • Two-component sealants

  • Jet-fuel resistant sealants

  • Compressive sealants

  • Silane sealants


JSWC crews efficiently apply sealants in a timely fashion to avoid delays of completion dates.

Sealant 4.jpeg

Firestop Sealants


Firestopping is used to fill the gap between one fire-rated assembly and another. Most commonly for top of wall, bottom of wall and wall to wall applications.

Our firestop sealants:

  • Are a approved system or EJ

  • Can produce up to a four hour rating

  • Adheres to the full fire-rating that is required per building code

  • Are tested UL systems or Engineering Judgements

Firestop Penetrations


Through-penetration firestop systems are designed to restore the hourly rating of fire resistive-assemblies that have been breached due to penetration by electrical, plumbing or mechanical items.

Said items are vital in modern building construction, which often times requires them to pass through fire-resistive floor or wall assemblies.

To maintain the fire-resistant properties, large openings are cut through the wall or floor, and the penetrating items are installed, leaving an annular space around them.

Various types of fire-resistant materials are then installed within that open space, around the penetrants, to prevent flames and hot gases from passing through.

Firestop .jpg
Firestop 3.jpg

Acoustical Sealant


Acoustical sealants are used to fill the gap between acoustically rated assemblies or penetrations, most commonly for top of wall, bottom of wall and wall to wall applications.

This particular sealant is not fire rated and does not provide any form of fire safety, but is smoke resistant and makes the gaps in conjoined areas more aesthetically appealing.

Acoustical Sealants also helps achieve the STC ratings required for Sound.



Thermal insulation refers to the materials, methods or processes used to reduce heat transfer. It helps maintain the temperature by preventing heat from escaping or entering an area, keeping an enclosed area, such as a building, warm or the inside of an area cold.

When a space is well insulated, it is more energy and cost efficient by preserving a stable, consistent temperature.

Additionally, most forms of acoustic insulations work as a buffer to absorb noise and vibrations coming from outside of the room.

Unlike heating and cooling equipment, insulation does not require maintenance, upkeep or adjustments regardless of the outside conditions.




Mysterious standing water, mold, smells and discoloration are the calling cards of a leaking building. They aren't pleasant, and can reduce morale, damage productivity and even impact employee retention.

A good workplace is a dry workplace. But first, you have to find the leaks. We can help. Contact us for an assessment and site visit so we can recommend the best waterproofing solution for your building.  

From clear penetrating solutions for bricks and masonry to solid color film-building coatings and waterproof paints, there are products on the market for just about any situation. Get help choosing the right one for your application with an in-person consultation today.

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